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Airbrush Makeup, It’s Too Simple

Airbrush makeup truly is simple with the help of a gun. Many people think it is the domain of makeup artists and complicated to use. Not so, there are kits available to suit everyone.

While it may seem a little expensive to buy the complete kit with compressor, airbrush gun and foundations will soon pay for itself. Airbrush foundation provided with water or silicone base and preferences that are used will be yours to make. You can also search for airbrush makeup nearby to get help in this makeup style.

All you need to do is find the right color for your skin, put about 10 drops into the cup airbrush, holding a gun about 10cm from your face and spray.

Even when you close your eyes, you can still feel where the foundation will be almost impossible to make a mistake. 10 drops will make your entire face and give a good blend in the neck region.

If you want to have your little coverage using fewer drops. For comparison, the airbrush foundation will last much longer than a normal foundation and this is because the pigment is concentrated and you use much less in the application.

Blending is a word that you will never have to use again with airbrush makeup because the spray from the gun is fine and you are constantly moving the gun you do not get a line of makeup, the basic mix down perfectly every time. Always clean the airbrush gun after each use to keep it in good condition.

The first thing is to fill the cup with water and run that through the gun into the bathroom sink, then half fill the cup with a clean airbrush and run through it, clean usually will remove the residue leftover and you want to get out of this residue so it does not clog the needle on the gun finally fill the cup again with water and run it through the gun to wipe clean airbrush.