Smoke Cigar Like True Cigar Connoisseur

It is perfectly clear that you are somewhat intimidated by all of the information out there regarding cigars. You may even be somewhat anxious if you are trying to find out which cigar is ideal for you.

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Informality with cigars is not essential to enjoy them. All you have to know are a couple of standard features about cigars, and you are soon going to be smoking them just like a real connoisseur.

Time of Day

The very first thing that you need to be aware of is that particular cigars normally go better with particular times daily. Conventional wisdom asserts that if you're planning to smoke in the morning, then bigger, milder cigars will be the most suitable. 

Cigars of moderate flavor and dimensions are usually favored throughout the day hours. And if you're lighting up a cigar in the nighttime, you need to pick the longest and boldest-flavored cigars in your own collection.


If you do any cigar surfing whatsoever, you are going to realize there are scores of potential distinct colors related to cigars. However they generally fall somewhere within this scale:

  • Double Claro: mild green wrapper, very gentle taste
  • Claro: mild tan wrapper, smooth and light taste
  • Natural: moderate brown wrapper, full bodied taste
  • Colorado: red dark brown wrapper, strong and rich taste
  • Oscuro: nearly black wrapper, very powerful taste