Should You Buy a Food Processor or a Blender

A Food Processor is a composite device that is capable of cutting the food. Such as an electric blender can blend soft foods and liquids easily if it is of medium power, it can blend even hard vegetables if the power is high, it can extract juice from various types of fruits.

You can make butter cake at 350 degrees and prepare your chocolate mix quite easily. Many people prefer owning a powerful portable blender that is small, lightweight and easy to carry along everywhere.  You can knead your bread dough and make juices from all kinds of fruits after chopping to the proper size.

The advantage of this gadget is that you can prepare any recipe that you want and make your entire family diet much enjoyable. You have to make a decision on the size of the tool based on your cooking needs, also keep in mind some occasional extra requirements.


For a normal family, the use of a medium powered food processor should be adequate unless you often entertain a large number of guests for partying or use it in social functions in which case you may need a high powered this. While if you are a diet conscious and want to add healthy drinks and smoothies to your nutrition, then a small portable smoothie blender will be just perfect. 

The size and portability are two important considerations for the processor and blender. Portability allows you to take the device to the actual place of cooking at home or in other party places that require the preparation of food.