Several Architectural Designs For Wooden Designs In Oslo

Architectural design

An attractive house with a number of features is a modern presentation of a traditional design. A special feature is the overhanging second floor. This design technique has a number of advantages. If you are searching for architectural services, then you can contact the "modern architecture at" (which is also known as “moderne arkitektur p” in the Norwegian language).

Saltbox design

Interesting and easy to spot in colonial style is the Salt Box, a direct shot of the main colonial house leading to a long roofline that slopes slightly from top to roof. Today's most beautiful homes have borrowed a distinctive style developed by builders from early American times. Variations of this style are used to upgrade many new homes.

Southern colonial design

One of the most prosperous of all the colonies was the traditional southern colonial era. A style that reflects the warmth, imagination, and friendliness of the ancient south is evident throughout the colonial southern style. 

Modern structure

Homestyle, usually called modern, is the result of architectural planning, design, and development over the years. Many are planned while others balance in design or lack imagination. 

Farm design

One of the most famous modern architectural lifestyles is livestock. In essence, it is a low, lonely house that comes from a "farmer" house in the southwest of the country. The simple design of a farm usually has a low roof with a gable and overhanging roof. 

New design concepts and additions to the basic ranch style have likely contributed more to the development of a modern futuristic home than any other major factor. The ranch has taken on new twists, angles, and curves to charm the architect of today and tomorrow.