Purpose Of Boxing Gloves

There are two different kinds of Boxing glove, competition, and sparring. These gloves are used in both training and fight.

Competition gloves are smaller usually weighing 10oz. Their purpose is to protect the user’s hands and wrists. You can buy a mixed martial arts boxing pad and glove through the internet.

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Competition gloves are often of the lace-up variety and afford a tighter more comfortable fit for the fighter. In training, this is less practical hence lace-up gloves nowadays being mainly confined to the actual competition.

Sparring gloves are usually between 12 and 16oz to allow more sparring often full-contact used in conjunction with headgear. As the name suggests the purpose of the glove is for boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai sparring.

Price Range

Boxing gloves tend to be priced from 35 dollars to 100 dollars. Price doesn't always denote quality but will usually give you some indication however trusted brands are often a better indication of quality.


Better quality gloves will use 100% good leather for all the main areas of the glove. Many cheaper or lower quality MMA gloves use either synthetic materials or a low-grade leather or leather/synthetic mix.

The quality of the strap/fastenings is a really important area to pay attention to with boxing gloves as Velcro. If it left exposed will cause cuts and grazes to sparring partners. Make sure the Velcro is cuffed with a leather or synthetic piping.