Percy and Annabeth have been shedding to own nine months into the Tartarus

Percy and Annabeth have been shedding to own nine months into the Tartarus

The house of Hades

It comprehend the crushed and a river racing doing him or her, and therefore Percy spends to capture him or her within slide. New river try this new river Cocytus, the new Lake from Lamentation. It gave both opinion out-of stopping and you will drowning but Annabeth seems to cause them to coastline. The atmosphere during the Tartarus is toxic, and based on Annabeth, scents and needs such as styrofoam crazy, and this Percy remarks, has the scent of his stinky ex boyfriend-stepfather, Gabe Ugliano. So they can survive new horrors out-of Tartarus, Percy and Annabeth take in on the fiery river, the fresh new river Phlegethon, that allows creatures to undergo new punishments for the Tartarus. After taking about Phlegethon, Percy and you may Annabeth feel much better and they are capable travel courtesy Tartarus.

They come round the some reformed monsters and you may Titans, for example Hyperion, and to their wonder, a classic pal out-of Percy concerns assist, the favorable-turned Titan, Iapetus. Iapetus, labeled as Bob, assist them to on the quest and permit these to see and you will romantic the fresh Doorways out of Demise. Yet not, in the act, difficulty start to unfold because the Bob actually starts to consider exactly who he are. As they solution a fantastic ripple, in it the new reformed Hyperion, Percy requires Bob to-burst his wonderful bubble once the Bob try the only one with a tool. They then find brand new arai. Percy begs that have Bob having help, but Bob hesitates and you can allows him and you may Annabeth discover hurt due to the fact he realized that they were the ones who cleaned their early in the day recollections.

Watching Annabeth in the strong depression and you can blindness, Percy doesn’t have possibilities however, to battle the arai, causing him acquiring the curse out-of slow dissolving. So it stretches returning to the earlier publication, The Boy from Neptune, where Percy had a bet which have Phineas, leading to Percy thriving immediately following he prayed in order to Gaea. Phineas upcoming cursed Percy in order to die an arduous dying by way of dissolving. However, Bob in the end decides to help immediately following seeing just who his genuine family unit members was basically. And additionally Annabeth, he takes Percy towards the large Damasen’s hut, to locate him cured. With this, Percy are recovered so you can his brand-new health insurance and the fresh new trio continue its go the new Gates from Passing. Percy and you can Annabeth use the Residence of your Evening to-arrive the brand new Doors regarding Demise.

But not, he or she is in the future up against high difficulty while the Passing Mist is out and so they can be seen from the hordes regarding monsters introduce within Gates of Death. On the other hand, the importante of the gap, Tartarus, in addition to performs an actual physical means and you can begins his attacks towards him or her. Percy plans to competition Tartarus, but is stopped by Annabeth, which feels you to Tartarus is actually much too strong and that’s a great ‘class by the himself’. Bob and you can Damasen one another agree with Annabeth. Which have much resistance, Percy goes into the newest elevator which have Annabeth and excursion back again to the fresh mortal business, with a pledge he can make to help you Bob to state ‘hello’ so you can this new famous people to possess your. Percy and you may Annabeth meet the other five demigods when you look at the Epirus and you can straight back into the Argo II, the guy fulfills their promise so you can Bob, from the appearing throughout the starry heavens and you can saying “Bob claims hello,” until the Argo II goes on cruising on the evening.

The fresh new Bloodstream away from Olympus

A short while shortly after his get back out of Tartarus, he requested Jason to guard Annabeth for him whenever she is actually associated him to Ithaca, due to the fact he had been being at the rear of to look at dangers regarding the sea. Jason pushed their shoulder and you may promised she’d return to the woman properly.

2 days after, Percy found the 7 for breakfast to go over subduing Nike when you are dining blue waffles, seated next to Annabeth, just who chided him for making use of too-much syrup. Percy is actually ok which have assaulting Nike, and you may ideal that combinations of demigods you to definitely went to endeavor their do spark greco-roman competition. Percy arranged not to ever squeeze into Jason, simply because they you will kill one another, and offered to go with Hazel, Honest, and you can Leo.