Liquid Fuel Stoves For Hikers

For a backpacker having the right stove is critical to make the climbing experience enjoyable. Depending on what kind of trip you are going, it will determine the best stove for your needs. Most backpackers will use the burner tube or liquid fuel stoves, among which the best is Tomshoo titanium alcohol stove & rack.

If you backpack in a variety of areas, liquid fuel stoves will best fit you. Unlike the tube stoves, liquid fuel stoves can accommodate larger groups. The downside, they are heavier. Liquid fuel stoves have a separate fuel bottle attached to the burner with hoses.

Liquid fuel stove is a compact single burner stove that has a high heat output, which makes this stove suitable for harsh winter conditions and high altitude. Most of the liquid fuel stove is equipped with a windscreen to help improve efficiency and have wide feet for increased stability and to support a larger pot.

A separate fuel bottle with a hose attached to the stove is small and has a valve adapted to control the heat. Liquid fuel in the container they are not pressurized, so the need to use a primer pump to create pressure that will force the fuel through a hose to the stove.

Most of these stoves are versatile with the ability to burn white gas, which is a form of gasoline that does not contain the additive. This, in turn, allows the stove to burn cleaner and hotter and performing well in sub-zero temperatures and high altitude.