Know More About CPC Vs CPM Advertising

There are two main types of Internet advertising: cost per click (CPC) and cost per mile (CPM). With CPC ads, ads are placed on pages and website publishers are paid based on how often they click on ads.

There are no guarantees for this type of ad because the website can receive 1,000 impressions and maybe only 2 or 3 clicks. You can easily monetize with all the leading ad formats.

With CPM ads, publishers are paid based on the number of visitors to their website (number of impressions) and regardless of whether someone clicks on the ad. However, publishers don't pay additional fees when an ad is clicked.

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Sometimes it is difficult to determine which of the two is best for your website because different types of websites are more suitable for different types of advertisements. Because websites usually don't reveal whether they use CPC or CPM ads, the only way to find the best for your website is to try it and find out which works best.

There are services that only display CPM ads per page, while others like Google AdSense display CPC and CPM ads on the page. In my opinion, the best solution for most new websites is to use Google AdSense, because they automatically run the highest paid ads on your website so you have the best chance to make money from your website.

If you use AdSense, you need to analyze your statistics carefully, because websites with around 1000 or more visits per day, depending on the niche of the website, can only use one CPM provider.