How to Get Started Learning Scuba Diving

As a new potential diver, knowing how to get started is essential. Without the relevant qualifications, no respectable dive center is going to allow you to enter the water with them. So what are the options?

The diving course divides well into 3 segments:

1. Classroom work, where your teacher shows you DVDs and talks you through the classes, this finished using a multiple-choice examination to check your understanding.

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 How to Get Started Learning Scuba Diving

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2. Pool work, in which you enter training the fundamental drills in the classroom, like kitting up, buddy breathing, and mask and snorkel replacement.

3. Open water dives, in which you may practice the drills at the sea (or other appropriate bulk of water), normally abbreviated to 18 meters from the final dive.

Where are you going to decide to perform your snorkeling instruction? Well, it is dependent upon where you live and at which you'll be diving. You might be:

  • Living in a cold climate and needing to dive holiday
  • Living in a cold climate and needing to dive in-home, and possibly on vacations
  • Living in a hot climate

There are also three basic ways of learning to dive:

  • Finish all the courses at home
  • Finish all the lessons on vacation
  • Begin your course in your home together with all the pool job and classroom work, but move someplace warmer to your open water dives – called a referral

Thus, putting all this together, how are you going to learn how to dive? If you never wish to dip in cold water and you reside in a chilly climate, forget doing the entire course in your home.