How To Choose The Best Swimming Pool Enclosure In Florida

There are currently two main types available on the market for low-profile pool enclosures: the original trackless enclosures and the more recent trackless enclosures.

It is difficult to choose the best one. Here are some key differences. To make it easier, Compare products based on the following criteria: Product performance, ease-of-use, aesthetics, design and construction, flexibility, and price. You can also get to know How much does a Pool Enclosure cost? At Covers in Play.

Ease-of-use. While both enclosure types can be operated fairly easily, the Tracked enclosure offers the best in terms of opening and closing the enclosure. 

Tracked enclosures can be opened and closed by one person, while trackless enclosures require two. This is so that the enclosure doesn't become misaligned if it is pushed only from one side.

Product performance. Both enclosures perform equally well. Both enclosures offer excellent insulation properties because of their low-profile nature. This design feature is also great for product maintenance and ease of use.

The overall aesthetics of products. The first is the material used. The second is how tall or bulky the structures are. The Trackless enclosures are a popular choice for buyers who place aesthetics first. 

These enclosures combine clear Plexiglas and double-walled polycarbonate. Clear Plexiglas gives the enclosures a lighter visual appearance and allows you to see through the pool from both ends and sides when it is closed.