How IT Support Company Can Boost Your Organization’s Cyber Resilience?

A study by the National Alliance for Cyber Security shows that more than 60% of hacked companies lose business within six months. Significant damage was caused by cyber-attacks because organizations were unable to respond because they failed to develop strategies to respond to and prevent cyber attacks.

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If your e-commerce system, customer data, email, or website suddenly crashes, can you get back to work in minutes, days, or never? This depends on the resilience of your company's cyberspace. Here are important steps an IT support company near me can take to develop effective cyber resilience for your business.

The most common way to determine cyber resilience is an organization's ability to minimize the impact of security incidents. It is a broader approach that deals with business continuity management and cybersecurity strategy.

There are two main components of cyber resilience: the first focuses on countermeasures such as threat reporting and ongoing monitoring. The second is to develop an appropriate response plan during cyber attacks. Unfortunately, most companies collapse because of this important second step.

Before implementing a contingency plan, you must first assess the risks that your organization may face. There are many risks, including strategy (failure to execute business decisions linked to strategic objectives), compliance (violation of regulations, rules, or laws), and reputation (negative public opinion).