How Effective Will be Root Canal Services in Fairfax

Most people suffer from severe toothaches at any age. If a tooth is damaged, it is time to undergo root canal treatment. This treatment prevents tooth loss and is needed once an infection is found in the tooth pulp to prevent further infection.

However, dentists strive to provide comfortable and smooth root canal treatment to patients, clean the root canal thoroughly as much as possible, and at the same time prevent infection from entering the jawbone. You can also consult with a root canal dentist in Fairfax via

Root canal services are recommended when the inflamed soft tissue pulp needs to be treated simultaneously to prevent further infection and spread to adjacent teeth. Dentists recommend root canal treatment to prevent tooth loss.

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The dentist will first examine the tooth for any severe pain, then discuss the timing and treatment that needs to be done. Immediately after starting treatment, the first step is to check the area where the root canal needs to be done.

The dentist then enters the root canal of the tooth, clears the infected pulp, and then cleans the affected area well. After the cleaning process is complete, the dentist will fill the area with a biocompatible material. The canal is then closed and filled to cover the area.

Then the impression of the tooth is taken to replace it with a crown. However, replacing it with a crown takes several days. There will be swelling and pain, but the dentist will help relieve the pain with the help of the necessary medication.