Get The Best Light Weight Tools For Your Garden

If you are starting a new garden chances are that you will be outside every day working on it. You will find that you will work more efficiently, and have a more attractive garden, and bigger crop yields if you are working with the right gardening tools. You can also get the best gardening tools online by clicking at

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It seems easy enough if you go to the building supply store and pick up a few things that look right. This article will show you that the larger gardening tools really are different from each other and that getting the right tool for the job will mean working less for better results.


A shovel is a shovel until you want to actually do something with it. A spade is best suited for digging larger holes in tough ground. A flat end shovel works best for moving soft dirt, sand and other loose materials around.

The long handle varieties allow you to work more upright and can lessen the chance of back injury and fatigue. Buy wood or plastic composite handles, whichever feels best in your hands. In either case do not forget the gardening gloves.

Garden Forks

You will not use a pitchfork or garden fork as much as your shovels but you will be glad you have one when you have to loosen a big patch of ground, even if you only do it just before digging.


Do not get just one hoe. Over the course of the season as the plants mature, and the hearty weeds along with them, you will find yourself going through three or four hoes.

The onion hoe is small and light weight and best suited for light weeding and cultivation. The Warren hoe is a larger garden tool, with a pointed end.