Employee Background Checks Should Be Carried Out By All Employers

An employee background check is as must nowadays; it helps the employer to find the potential, well qualified, fit, and good mannered employee and to avoid the fake and unqualified applicants.

Facts about Resume

It is found that about 48% of all curriculum vitae are misleading and 10% of employment seekers claim false degrees and qualifications. Over 25% gives falsified referrals and a 25% list about previous companies that is no longer exists. 32% resume shows changed employment dates and falsified years of experience. About 75% will reveal lies and 10% of applicants would have criminal record history.

Employee screening results

The employment past verification may contain the following records, educational verification; drug testing and screening services; social networking background checks; personal credential checks; criminal and gender offender checks; nationwide warrants and wants; national terrorist tests; resume verification and certification; employment history; driving records or CDL license check; credit reports; tenant screening; eviction records; personality assessment and skills testing.

Employee screening helps to avoid

By finding out all the fake and misleading curriculum vitae through the online employee screening, an employer can avoid unwanted violence in the work environment because it is found that about 10% of the job applicants would have criminal record history; the unqualified and unskilled employment proposals because about 40% of the applications would contain falsified information.

To avoid a waste of time in recruiting, training or dealing with wrong applications, and also to avoid violations like physical harassment, financial loss, theft problems, etc. Hence an employee screening is a must before recruiting any person to the job.