Cloud PBX – Your Choice of Business Phone System

Choosing the right business phone is crucial. Remember that a good communication system in your enterprise is great assistance because it lets you get orders, inquiries, sales, and other business transactions. Cloud PBX phone system was developed to do just that.

The system generally works by transmitting calls through VoIP technologies (Voice over Internet Protocol) that uses a SIP trunk to establish a connection to a PSTN (Public Switch Telephone System).

To make it simpler to understand a Cloud PBX deliver calls through the "cloud" or the internet and SIP trunk minimizing your hardware needs. You can easily get the best cloud phone system for business.

Why choose Cloud PBX?

Firstly a cloud PBX system is easier to set up. All the components and programming needed are done in a remote server level which means all you need to do is to plug-in the handsets to your internet connection and you have a fully functional PBX.

Maintenance is also a breeze since the system uses trunks and servers instead of hardware maintenance transpire in the servers leaving no additional cost to you with very minimal downtime.

Apart from the savings businesses can also benefit from the innovative features of the system every aspect from the ground up can be customized to suit your requirements. This literally means that you can design your own phone system.

For instance, you need an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) service providers will give you the option to choose from a set of default voices or have a professional actor to do all the recordings for you. These recordings can then be used as your greeting message, on-hold message menu system voice prompts and so on.

Being a customized solution, you will also have the luxury to decide how you would like the phones to behave on certain periods of the day adapting to the bulk of phone calls that may receive.