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Which are the Causes of Teen Pregnancy?

Which are the Causes of Teen Pregnancy?

Unprotected sex is the cause for adolescent pregnancy, but there are many reasons nearby a teenage girl’s life that could play a role in an unplanned pregnancy.

Teen pregnancy means an unintended pregnancy during adolescence and teenage decades. In accordance with the locations for Disease regulation and avoidance (CDC), 194,377 children comprise produced in 2017 to 15 to 19 year-olds 45.

Child Pregnancy Studies

Not as much as one half of all reports mandate sex education and for those who manage, the consent typically falls on the parent, making most younger teens uneducated about intercourse, the female reproductive program, and success of unsafe sex – to incorporate:

  • pregnancy
  • sexually carried infection 2

Reasons for Teen Pregnancy

While there are lots of issue that effect teen maternity rates, the best cause for adolescent pregnancy won’t transform – unprotected sex. The usa spotted a drop in teen pregnancy of 7 percentage from 2016 to 2017, nevertheless U.S. few adolescent pregnancies continues to be higher than generally in most developed region.

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