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Producers switched the premise behind the cast’s back

Producers switched the premise behind the cast’s back

What most of us didn’t know – at least until she blabbed on national radio – was that Finlayson took Cosgrove’s virginity. During an interview on The Kyle and Jackie O Show (via ), Cosgrove was tight-lipped when asked if the pair had ever gotten “naked with each other.” Finlayson wasn’t as discreet and told Australian listeners that the star had been a virgin and is “secretly proud” of their behind-the-scenes hookup. According to The Fraser Coast Chronicle, Finlayson’s disclosure of the nitty gritty details almost “derailed” her relationship with Cosgrove.

The breakdowns were darker off-screen

Unlike most reality shows that use editing to carefully craft intense drama, Beauty and the Geek might have actually cut out the most intense moments. The show was occasionally even more grueling off-camera than it was on (despite the exaggerated love affairs). We already know Season 3 of the Australian version saved us the details of a castmate’s lost virginity, but the American version was also equally as dulled down.

Niels Hoven (above), who appeared on Season 3 of The CW series, told Alloy that the show actually “toned down” his near breakdown and a lot of what was said in the house. The star was cut off from his phone, the internet and anyone who could give him outside support, making the situation particularly difficult. As a result, his near-nervous breakdown lasted 12 heated hours. Producers cut it down to just 10 minutes.

“It just didn’t come through as intense as it was really,” he said. “It was really tough because we were cut off from outside contact.”

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