Benefits of an Immigrant Investor Visa

Here are the benefits that need to be considered if you are looking to apply for a visa:

1. Start your own business – you can run your own business as long as you can prove that the business will help the economy, providing jobs and so on! If running a business is your dream, this visa is definitely for you.

2. No need for links – Many people who want a visa and/or green card must have a newzeland citizen sponsor them. But with this visa, you do not need the type of links for you to become a permanent resident. You can get the newzeland visa via

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3. We can live anywhere in Newzeland – this visa allows you to live wherever you want in the NewZealand There is no limit to where you live, which means you're free to live with family, friends, or by yourself wherever you choose!

4. Do the work authorization is not necessary – you do not need to be offered a job in Newzeland to apply and be approved for EB5 visa is not like any other kind of work, especially the green card.

5. Able to become a sponsor for a green card – Just as you do not need a sponsor, the EB5 visa you are able to become a sponsor for your family. This means that when applying for a green card you will be the sponsor name on the application.