All About GMCs Revolutionary MultiPro Tailgate

Consider this a tailgate within a tailgate. By this we mean there's a second inner tailgate that's half the height of the main tailgate, with hinges that span almost the entire width. 

This will add another fold that will help remove the tailgate when you need it to, like when loading. You can also know more about multipro tailgate by visiting Tailgate Fix.

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Inside there is another panel that can be raised when the tailgate is lowered. This creates a load stop to block longer elements from falling. Then you can use these additional panels and hinges to shape the tailgate into another shape. Here are some functions of the GMC multipro tailgate:

-The inner tailgate and load-limiting panels fold down in one step so you can enter into the bed. 

-The inner tailgate closes down again when the gate is dropped so you can stay closer to the bed.

-When the tailgate is lowered, raising the load limiter creates a barrier for holding larger loads in place.

-Build a second tier by closing down the inner tailgate and lifting the inner load stop.

Who requires it?

There's merely a truck owner who can't profit from the MultiPro tailgate. landscapers, Builders, weekend warriors who use a multipro tailgate for transporting mountain bikes or other equipment, tailgaters, short people, The only people who won’t utilize all these functions are those who never use their pickup trucks bed anyway.