ACL Physical therapy Exercises In Recovering From Knee Injuries

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the major ligaments found in the human knee that is connected to the femur and helps support the movement of the knees. The ACL is known to be the most commonly injured part of the knee especially for athletes. 

There are various ways to help repair ACL injuries and it involves surgical and non-surgical procedures. After medical procedures are done to repair any damages in the ACL, it is important that ACL physical therapy exercises are done to help the knee fully recover. To know more about physical therapy in Lutherville, search through online sites.

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Common exercises include leg raises, stretches, quads, squats, heel slides and bends. There are also some tools or equipment that could help the exercises become more efficient like exercise balls, resistance bands, balance boards or even just a simple towel. Before doing any ACL physical therapy exercises, it is always best to consult a physical therapist before it is done.

The knees are essential parts of the body and if it suffers from injury, the normal movement of the human body becomes more difficult. Walking, running and sitting down is a normal activity for an average person and it would be greatly affected if the ACL is damaged. What the said exercises do is promote healing in the knees and help it regain its normal feel and function.

Factors that are to be considered in the recovery of the knee from injury are its strength, stability or balance and its range of motion. The strength of the knee is slowly developed doing squats and quads, the stability and balance in step up exercises and its range of motion is improved doing bends, leg raises and rotational leg movements.

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